Welcome and thank you for visiting the Everyday Enchantments Project website.

I am a doctoral candidate in the Cultural Studies Program at Queen’s University, Kingston and am currently researching how Montrealers conceptualize religion, secularism, and para-religious objects (i.e. good luck charms). More specifically, I am interested in exploring how the continued presence of religious, spiritual, and/or ‘magical’ objects in Montréal relates and contributes to contemporary discussions of religion, secularism, and disenchantment.

Data for this project will be collected in two ways: through a web-based survey and through interviews conducted in Montréal. All Montréal residents aged eighteen years and over are eligible to participate. The data I collect will be included in my doctoral dissertation and may also be communicated in a range of other outlets (e.g. academic publications).

If you are interested in participating in the online survey, please click on the ‘survey’ tab in the site menu above. If you have ever owned, used, sold, or bought a para-religious object and are interested in being interviewed, please click on the interview tab in the site menu above or send an e-mail to infoenchantedmontreal@gmail.com for more information.

This study has been granted clearance according to the recommended principles of Canadian ethics guidelines and the policies of Queen’s University.



Ian Alexander Cuthbertson
Doctoral Candidate
Cultural Studies Program
Queen’s University
Kingston, ON